You’ve seen us in action at parades, sporting events, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and many other public activities. St. John Ambulance Medical First Response Volunteers serve your community with the most up-to-date emergency first aid techniques.

Since 1910, wherever crowds gather, anywhere in Canada, our caring group of volunteers have been ready to provide quality first aid services in any emergency.

The Division is part of St. John Ambulance, a non-profit organization working to improve the health, safety, and quality of life of Canadians. St. John Ambulance has trained millions of Canadians in first aid, CPR, and health promotion. We teach people in your neighborhood how to take better care of themselves and others, at home and at work. We encourage our students to volunteer in community service.

Consider for a moment that, on average, it costs us approximately $50 for each St. John Ambulance Brigade member who provides first aid coverage at a community event.

This includes resources to provide the service, the cost of upgrading and maintaining training for each member, and the cost of the uniform which makes us stand out in a crowd. If an event requires the use of a mobile first aid unit, add about $50 to cover the cost of the vehicle, it’s insurance, contents, and maintenance. These costs do not include administrative expenses and the time spent by our volunteers to be at the event.

Communities count on our volunteers for peace of mind and we’re proud of that. Each year, St. John Ambulance members volunteer more than 2 million hours of community service to meet differing community needs across Canada (such as first aid services, Therapy Dog visits, search and rescue, ski patrol, canteen services, and senior and invalid support). Consider that first aid assistance is worth about $14 per hour. That means St. John Ambulance volunteers contribute over $28 million worth of community services to Canadians each year.

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St. John Ambulance volunteers contribute over $28 million worth of community services to Canadians each year.
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If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jade Quirion, our Divisional Community Services Coordinator.